Digital Venture Builder

While helping companies develop their digital businesses, he continues to launch his own startups. We are often referred to as a “digital trading company.

Features of FACTORIUM

1.Speedy digital business development know-how

2.Experienced external team (network of data scientist/UX designers/engineers)
3.Focus on enabling technologies such as XR, Blockchain, and IoT in general, with a focus on big data and AI development projects

Business Model: Data Science Venture Builder 

Since creating new value from data is a fundamental business, we create Data Business by co-creating with Data Holder (or any company with assets that data can acquire).

What is Startup Studio?

Bringing together people with experience to create a business.

StartupStudio is a new business creation scheme that brings together a wide variety of professionals and lowers the risk of failure.

What is different from previous methods of new business creation (accelerators, incubators, internal new business proposal systems, etc.) is that the studio itself brings together professionals with diverse skills to develop, nurture, and create new businesses “consecutively” and “simultaneously”.

FACTORIUM’s StartupStudio

FACTORIUM’s StartupStudio is fully owned by FACTORIUM and the proof of concept is carried out. From the results of the verification, the company is established by raising funds from sponsors who are mainly business companies.

We bring together independent professionals under the project and promote it as a side project. We convene teams of entrepreneurs, engineers, UX/UI designers, and data scientists on a project-by-project basis, rather than a company-by-company basis.

Team Policy The most important concept

  • Someone’s vision is at the center of it, and that’s where people come together and it becomes an organization.
  • Outside professionals will come and go for each project.
    Valuing the startup culture.
  • Only products that exist in the real world are developed by customers who strongly desire them.



It is a data science studio that leverages data platforms. We provide a data utilization service platform that facilitates the use of open data, such as satellite imagery and human flow data. (JAXA certified venture)


A community OKR service for freelancers. It is being developed for an evaluation economy platform. We are looking for new sponsors.


Support services for improving the value of office building facilities using facility management data

4.Fishery Tech:Watatsumi

A project to turn fishermen’s intuition into AI


A service that can recognize space and draw pictures in a virtual space (AR×Collaboration SaaS)

6. Video analysis platform for education

A platform for extracting features from audio and video of video conferencing systems and automatically analyzing them (deep learning x facial expression analysis for WEB RTC)

We’re looking for members who can help us get our startup project off the ground together.

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