Why did we start the company?

The company was founded to serve as a new business development department for a Japanese company.

For decades, Japanese companies have been losing because they have failed to tackle new businesses such as platform businesses and digital businesses. Many large companies have structural reasons for not being able to take it seriously.

FACTORIUM exists to bring back the glory of Japanese companies that were originally strong by creating a weapon of digital data science. In other words, we will take risks and take on business ideas that are difficult for large companies to realize, such as technology (AI, blockchain, AR/VR/MR, IoT, etc.) and the creation of new value.

I believe that by continuing to create globally competitive digital businesses with a sense of speed, Japanese companies will be able to regain their glory in the world.

Thoughts on the founding of the company

1.I wanted to see another possibility.

My career has consisted of working on new business development within a variety of companies. The creation process was very enjoyable, but realistically the approval process was a very stressful one.

Executives say, “I want you to build a big business in an area that’s far away from your existing area,” but in reality, they put the brakes on because “middle management can’t understand the idea,” “they can’t understand the technology,” or “it’s too far away from your core business (laughs).

Despite the fact that internal entrepreneurs have spent their nights trying to make the world a better place, and have seriously thought about the future of their company, their business idea is crushed by the “consideration process. In the meantime, ventures and rival companies will develop similar services.

Whenever I encountered scenes like this, I thought that I could make a better world happen, but one day I realized that if I became the owner, I might be able to realize that possibility.

It may be a kind of balance.

The significance of creating services with big capital on the back of a corporate brand, and the significance of creating new value in a startup with small capital on your own ownership.

As my career and skills have grown, I have found myself wanting to challenge the latter possibility. I have become convinced that I want to work on projects that are truly needed by society on my own, without being bound by organizational structures and ignoring organizational curricula and incontrovertibility.

2. We want to deliver the best products.

When working on product development (business development), it is tempting to pursue “quality”. Above all, I am sometimes jealous of the quality of a service/product/business that is not of my own design. Why do we get jealous? What do you mean by “quality”?

To date, I have been involved in about 15 business launches, and the best way to pursue quality is to accurately design the experience to solve “high quality” problems. In order to do so, the resolution of the experience is increased by repeating hypotheses and tests. I am convinced that the quality of a product depends not on the technology or the market needs, but on the ability to understand people themselves.

At FACTORIUM, we want to bring together people who genuinely want to deliver the best products, while respecting the intentions of all team members.

3.I want to move society with enthusiasm

When social change occurs, it is created by the enthusiasm of a single person. That enthused individual has a great influence on those around him. Those around them are inspired, the fire is lit, and they go into action wanting to make it happen.

I think this is the first mechanism by which startups are born. The challenge is to build an environment in which the mechanism is continuously created. By repeatedly testing hypotheses, we hope to create a world in which the entrepreneurs who emerge from this place can move society forward.

more than …

Hayato Kumemura

Representative Director, FACTORIUM Inc.

  • Representative Director, FACTORIUM Corporation
  • Representative Director, DATAFLUCT Corporation 
  • Representative Director, REPORU Corporation 
  • JAXA J-SPARC Producer

Graduated from Osaka Prefecture University’s Graduate School of Engineering with a major in Mathematical Engineering and Waseda University’s Graduate School of Commerce with an evening MBA.
After joining Benesse Corporation as a new graduate, he worked in CRM and direct marketing. Since then, he has created more than 15 new businesses in the areas of advertising, marriage activity, mental health, HR-TECH, and data business at Macromill Recruit Marketing Partners, Lawyers.com, and Nikkei Inc. He has won the Grand Prix in the Recruit Group’s new business development contest several times, and has experience in starting a company.
He founded digital venture builder FACTORIUM in 2018 as an independent. He has been invited by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as an expert on new projects.
He has promoted more than 50 digital business development projects in a wide range of industries, including space, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, real estate, materials, entertainment, fisheries, construction, retail, and information services.
2019 Data Science Startup Studio DATAFLUCT Founded, Acquires OKR Reporting SaaS reporu in M&A

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