FACTORIUM is a digital venture builder. We support the digital transformation (DX) of our clients and aim to establish a continuous digital company in a variety of ways.


We work with visiting entrepreneurs to infuse their own capital and establish successive startups. We will create startups that solve local issues and utilize cutting-edge technology.

Digital Transformation

We use data to solve the challenges of new business start-up, digital transformation and data science for our clients.

Joint Venture Building

Starting with joint business development, we will promote projects with the aim of collaborating and becoming a subsidiary. We offer an 18-month program until the company is formed.

The company was founded to serve as a new business development department for a Japanese company.
For the last 30 years, Japanese companies have been losing. FACTORIUM is here to bring Japanese companies back to glory through digital business development, which is why they were unable to tackle new businesses such as platform and digital businesses. We take risks and challenge business ideas that are difficult for large companies to realize, such as technology (AI, blockchain, AR/VR/MR, IoT, etc.) and the creation of new value. If we have nothing to lose and can create great value as a result of taking risks and repeatedly failing, then we will gladly sell it to a company. That’s how we deliver weapons to strong companies. That way, we can make Japan’s industry stronger.
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Why don’t we be a co-founder?
  • Corporate name: FACTORIUM,inc.
  • Representative: KUMEMURA Hayato
  • Lifull hub, 1-4-4-4 2F Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
  • We are always looking for members who are willing to participate on a project-by-project basis. First of all, please feel free to contact us. (It is also possible to contact us through SNS.)

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